Actually Won't Work > Tip - Use Your Twitter ID as Your Discourse Username


I’ve set up our Twitter account @stakingdefense

It’s configured to auto-Tweet new topics posted to this forum. I’ll let this run, then possibly have it post all comments and replies too.

The Tweet includes the Discourse Username of the person starting the topic. If you use your Twitter ID as your Discourse Username, you’ll be automatically tagged in the Tweet.

You can your Discourse Username to match your Twitter ID too, if you’re already using different ID’s for each.


How often does the account tweet out new topics? So far it hasn’t tweeted any.


It should Tweet new posts within 5 mins of the post’s publication. I’m having some trouble with the Zap and am working to troubleshoot it :+1:


Auto-tweet’s working. Still trying to figure out why the “@” sign doesn’t appear in the tweets.

Example -


I found out why the @ symbol won’t be included in a Zap. From Zapier -

Note: In order to comply with Twitter’s terms of service, this text will have all @mentions removed. Read more here:

The Tweet will still include the Discourse User Name of the user who posts the topic.