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Hey everyone!

My name is Brendan and I’m with a newly formed staking as a service company called Secret Forerunners. Our first project has been to start developing as a place to go for the node running community in the Enigma ecosystem. We built a simple profitability calculator and will be providing community resources related to staking on that page. We’re also creating a trusted staking pool for our whitelisted node (there will be a competition during testnet launch shortly, but we have a whitelisted spot). We hope to build out additional tooling, and have some ideas for future development of trustless pooling options for various networks. We also have plans to expand into node running for additional projects in the near future, and are in talks with a few PoS projects launching soon.

I’m excited to be here, to talk and learn from all you PoS (not the bad kind of POS :slight_smile:) experts, and to brainstorm the ways in which we can keep staking decentralized as much as possible!


Welcome @brendan, thanks for joining!


Hi, Brendan! Would love to hear more of your ideas “for the future development of trustless pooling options for various networks” once you are ready to share it.


Absolutely! We have some ideas, but they require some funding/developer expertise which my partner and I don’t currently have. Right now we’re just self-funded/bootstrapped and waiting on the Enigma networked testnet to launch so we can get some more experience under our belts. I look forward to meeting everyone here and engaging more.