Cosmos Hub Governance Proposal to increase Validator Set size



Hey all, I posted a proposal on the Cosmos Forum regarding increasing the validator set size from 100 validators to 150. Crosslinking it here because it is pretty relevant to #KeepStakeDecentralized.


Thanks @sunnya97. I look forward to reading the post. Livepeer expanded their transcoder set a couple times. The first was from 10-15. The second was from 15-25.

The only adverse effect I noticed was the rise of very low fee transcoders, charging less than 1%, during the second increase. A few broke their way into the top 25 offering 0 fees, as a way to quickly build stake.

Otherwise, I feel a reasonable increase in active validator/transcoder slots promotes stake decentralization :muscle:


It looks like the proposal’s live here -

My only hesitation to the increase is that I’m wondering if our effort is best spent working to decentralize stake among the current 100, before expanding to 150.


There was a mistake in Proposal #9 where the title proposes increasing validator set to 150, while description says 125.

We reproposed a corrected version where they both say 125. Please ignore proposal #9.

Here is the new proposal!


I think increasing the validator set size will help increase decentralization, because it reduces barrier to entry which makes it easier for more, potentially more competent, validators to join and compete.