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Info from Crypto dot com:

Crypto dot com Chain is a ground-breaking high performing, secure and privacy-protected public blockchain solution powering instant crypto payment transactions between customers and merchants, anywhere, for little to no cost.

Crypto dot com Chain balances audit-ability and data protection. Raw customer payment data is protected by default and can only be processed inside Trusted Execution Environments, initially Intel SGX.

Crypto dot com Chain core transaction ledger is maintained by geographically distributed nodes (a.k.a. Council Nodes) that execute a Byzantine Fault Tolerant protocol on Tendermint Core.

Council Nodes are entrusted with key roles on the network, including but not limited to:

  • Execute settlement;

  • Order transactions;

  • Verify all transactions.

Owning and running a Council Node provides generous rewards in CRO.

Additional information on Crypto dot com Chain available below:

Website: crypto dot com slash chain

Business Whitepaper: crypto dot com/chain_whitepaper_en

Technical Whitepaper:

Please reach out to for more info. Thank you. Note - I was limited to posting two links for new members.