Eddie from Mitera




I’m Eddie from Mitera, a Dutch private fund that runs validators on Cosmos (FreshAtoms) and Tezos (FreshTezos), a Harmony staking partner, a 0x pool and a possibly upcoming Cardano pool. We also run private masternodes on a half a dozen other chains.

While my background has been in technology since the 80s, I’ve been active in the space since 2012, and started investing in cryptoassets in 2013. In 2017 I decided to focus more on PoS, since I don’t think a race to spend more energy to secure a chain is a viable path in the long term and PoS is, to this date, the best suited alternative. I look forward to seeing novel approaches to the scalability trilemma come into the space.

As a validator, I would like to see some kind of organization that gives a unified voice to validators, especially against the threat of 0% fees charged by entities (exchanges) who are able to derive revenue thru other means. This increases centralization and needs to be disincentivized on and off chain.

Additionally, I would like to see incentives to help smaller validators thrive. I say this while being a medium/large validator on Tezos, while small on Cosmos.

I look forward to the exchange with like and non like minded fellow validators on and off this forum. I can be reached on telegram at @onegaia and on keybase as @eddieb.

As a side note, I am interested in finding trusted peering partners for Tezos and Cosmos. We have a couple of nodes to add to a co-peering pool.