Enrico From Commercio.network


My name is Enrico @enricotalin on twitter and I have created Commercio.network

I have been in the B2B software business since 1994, following blockchain space from 2009 and Ethereum since Devcon1

We are developing “The Documents Blockchain” on a Cosmos Zone aimed to a niche B2B market: Companies exchanging business documents.

We are currently building our network of validators as a consortium. We went that route so we can enforce the minimum B2B accepted standards like ISO 27001 for datacenters, background checks and AML for validators, mimimum staking periods Investment to make sure they will stick around for few years and so on. Without a consortium, no company would trust to share their documents with us.


Welcome @enrico :wave:We’re glad you joined us to #KeepStakeDecentralized :blush::muscle: