Felix from Chorus One


Hi everyone, Felix from Chorus One here.

Our core focus aside from providing secure and reliable infrastructure for staking lies on engaging deeply with networks we operate validators in. This means we are active in governance, assist with things like cryptoeconomic design, etc. We also generate awareness and educate through our content that is focused on helping both delegators and node operators/validators to better understand the networks they are interested in.

As part of this, I also write the Staking Economy newsletter (together with Chris). SE is providing news, observations, and opinions on developments in PoS networks every 2 weeks.

I’d like to assist the Staking Defenders in exploring how PoS systems can be designed to further decentralization. At Chorus One, we are currently coming up with a plan of how to support smaller, capable operators. I’m always open to explore interesting/innovative ideas and forms of collaboration!

Glad to be here,