Gavin from Figment Networks


Hi everyone! Gavin from Figment Networks :wave:

I’m happy to join Decentralized Staking Defenders and other initiatives that foster decentralization. Thanks to @cjremus for starting this particular initiative :pray:

Figment’s position
Running a secure and effective node is only half of the role of a validator partner. The other half is active participation: doing things to grow the adoption and/or usefulness of the blockchain. Participation could be building open source tools, off-chain participation in governance, education and PR, improving the protocol itself, and any other number of things.

Decentralization is important for the health of PoS networks, especially if they are to become valuable public goods. Figment Networks is committed to contributing to that outcome. In fact, we’ve been delegating our Cosmos commissions to smaller validators, and we hope that others will too.

I’m looking forward to reading about different perspectives from different stakeholders who care about keeping Cosmos and other PoS networks decentralized :sparkler:


Thanks for joining us @Ether_Gavin and welcome :wave:

From my perspective, Figment is setting an example that I hope other large validators follow, e.g. -

1 - Delegating commission to smaller validators

2 - Providing tools with real value like Hubble

3 - Being available in the various forums and always ready and willing to lend a helping hand