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Hi Staking Defenders!

Great to join a community dedicated to the hard and important work of maintaining the security and availability of decentralized and cryptographically secure networks via PoS (and presumably perhaps PoA/permissioned systems as well).

I am the co-founder of, a PoS public Blockchain speficially built for ecological data, claims and assets. You can read more generally about our project on our medium account and our whitepaper here.

Our blockchain makes it possible to make smart contracts with scientifically robust, audible claims about ecological state at the center of agreements between users. We are active contributors to the Cosmos SDK and our Blockchain is a very close cousin to the cosmos hub, making running our chain easy for people already validating on the Cosmos Hub. Our aim is to create a whole new natural capital asset class, in a way that ensure alignment with ecological health and decentralization of power.

The base layer of our tokenomics is very close to Cosmos, with a slashable PoS token providing a strong incentive for our validators and delegators, and making it possible to issue other tokens or execute agreements based on the network security and the utilities . Collateralization or agreements and staking the network are the core uses of the token, and it’s value and the economics of running a validator are based on our ability to bring use to the network. We have three active pilots, (as many as we can handle at the moment, with much more demand) and active relationships with some of the biggest companies in the world to disrupt the markets for ecosystem services, carbon markets, and transform the economics of agriculture and land use.

We are also bringing our own validator online, and our motto is: “out cooperate the competition.” We feel strongly that the success of our network is the success of the cosmos ecosystem more broadly, and vice versa, so we spend a lot of time supporting the Cosmos Hub, and working on the SDK, even beyond our own zone’s needs.

We are looking to create a strong validator community for our chain. We will have a max of 50 validators at launch, and already have a public testnet up and running.

You can use this great tutorial by our friends at Cypher Core to get a node up on our testnet if you want. And here is a faucet (also set up by the rock stars at CypherCore).

We are really excited to be a part of this community, and participate in conversation and action that leads to a health, decentralized community securing the digital infrastructure that makes projects like move from a vision, to the reality our world needs to have a health society and a healthy biosphere.


Hi, Gregory! I’ve just finished listening to Chorus One podcast interview with you. Amazing project and the cause!


Thanks Mira! Will we see you on our testnet?


After careful consideration, we decided to support So, yes we will join testnet.
It will be our first cosmos-sdk based network addition and we feel good and bullish about it.


Chainflow’s looking forward to participating as well!