Hosting Nodes in a Data Center?


Hi Defenders,

I was chatting with @cjremus yesterday and data centers came up in conversation. I know there is a general interest in the community of owning your own hardware and, more importantly, securing your private key somewhere other than the cloud. For many validators, a data center just isn’t an option due to the high cost and extra expertise needed.

My company, Consensus Networks, is located in Indiana and we have access to low-cost data center space. Guys on our team have a background in building data centers and we recently helped the team at Solana build their data center infrastructure. We also host nodes in two physical locations in Indiana (Indianapolis and South Bend).

I’m interested in starting a conversation to figure out what validators are interested in data center space, what some of the key pain points are, and how we can figure out a way to set up co-location to provide secure infrastructure at a reasonable and cloud competitive rate! All things are possible (location variety, bandwidth, firewall/switch configuration, VMs, etc)


Count me in. We are working on getting a validator up and running for Regen Network on the Cosmos Hub and beyond to support the community, and we’d love to be in on these conversations.


Me too! im also working on setting up a secure validator, and would love to have a datacenter space!


Count me in too. But all depends on the cost.


Are you able to host outside the US?

I don’t want my validator running inside the US.


Thanks for the responses thus far. A few questions for those that are interested:

  1. Would you want to purchase your own hardware or rent?
  2. I understand that there are many who do not wish to host inside the US, is there a desired country or countries instead? We’re taking a look at all options as well as evaluating recently passed legislation in Wyoming to see if that is a possible US option.
  3. If anyone is willing to provide info, is there an appx. price point you are trying to meet per node?


Both options would be interesting, yet renting probably wouldn’t be much different than renting a dedicated or bare metal server from any of the other well-known providers out there. For me, having a place to put my purchased hardware would be the primary attraction.

You could look at the current Cosmos and Solana node geographic distributions for examples. My sense is that western europe, including Switzerland and an Asian location would be good places to start.

Lower than the going rate for a half-rack minimum. Maybe in the range of $150-$250 monthly, depending what that would buy?