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Calling all Cosmos validators!

Interchain Foundation invites all @cosmosvalidator to submit requests for ICF delegations that will consider validator’s contribution to the project and to the community. Apply latest Monday June 17, 2019.
Until now ICF has delegated 6.051.000 atoms to 68 validators out of 100. Around 14 mil atoms are still left to be delegated by ICF.

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Original post from Interchain Foundation

Tell us how you are taking part in the Cosmos ecosystem.

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) values all members of the Cosmos ecosystem and aims to support members who are giving back to the ecosystem at large.

One way the ICF will do this is by delegating ATOMs to validators that are contributing to the greater Cosmos community. Thus, the ICF is making a call for applications from Cosmos validators for delegation of ICF ATOMs.

We want to hear from validators about how you are contributing to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Contributions could include (but are not limited to):

  • Creating a block explorer for the community to use
  • Active engagement in the governance process
  • Publishing articles about Cosmos (examples: Governance Proposal Overviews , How To Delegate Your ATOMs etc)
  • Holding Cosmos meetups and community events
  • Contributing open source code

And the list goes on!

The ICF will accept applications from validators from Friday June 7-Monday June 17, 2019. We will review the applications and delegate to the selected validators who are actively contributing and giving back to the ecosystem at large.

To apply, please submit an application here:

Good luck everyone!:atom_symbol: