Introducing SnapBots Algorithm


Introducing SnapBots Algorithm
SnapBots has developed a pool of Bots that identifies opportunities in multiple asset classes. The primary goal of these Bots are to generate Absolute Returns under all market conditions with minimal risk. The Bots are deployed in managed accounts across various asset classes, and they adopt Algo-trading strategies to carry out trades.

SnapBots Algorithm is based on three key philosophies, of being Market Neutral, Capital Preservation, and Liquidity. These philosophies help to shape how the Algo-strategies are created and deployed. Being Market Neutral, we only have intraday strategies and do not take overnight positions, that may be impacted by macro events that happen overnight. Having Capital Preservation, we have a Formalized Risk Control Framework that sets specific and stringent stop-loss limits at each level and adhere to strict intraday limits. With liquidity, our strategies involve instruments that allow for ease of execution and efficient price discovery.

The strategies that our bots have implemented include the Trend Reversal Strategy and Three-Way Arbitrage. The Trend Reversal Strategy is using a usual phenomenon that some speculators close positions to lock profits when the market goes to one direction too far, which causes price retracement or trend reversal. Being able to capitalize on this market movement allows for the bots to leverage some profits. As for Three-Way Arbitrage, it is the result of a discrepancy between three cryptocurrencies that occurs when the currency’s exchange rates do not exactly match up. Being able to leverage on this price disparity allows for some profit opportunities.

With the Bots running the Algo-trading Strategies, the markets are always being observed for trends of repeatable patterns where new strategies can be built and implemented. Also, we have human traders who act as failsafe for these Algo-trading strategies, in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Lastly, while Algo-trading strategies are carried out autonomously, the optimization of trading returns entails constant monitoring and calibration. These strategies are fine-tuned and calibrated regularly to ensure optimum performance.

SnapBots help trader to manage their funds. It’s like you doing SOLO STAKING.
You can get rewards from crypto that you store in Store on SnapBots. Yes, of course the amount of rewards depends on the amount of coins you store, duration of locking time and market conditions.

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I have been using snapbots staking since few months and i have not faced any issues.


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