James Moreau here - interested in Validating/Baking on Cosmos and Tezos to start



Hi folks,

I’m James and I have worked in the blockchain space for a few years now starting with BlockApps, ConsenSys/MetaMask and most recently the Witnet project.

I am interested in learning how to setup and maintain a validator on the Cosmos and Tezos networks. Have gotten a bit hungup on existing documentation but still pushing to get going with some guidance from the community.

Looking forward to the @cjremus upcoming AMA this Tuesday, June 11th, at 10AM EST. https://twitter.com/cjremus/status/1137058729852100609


Welcome, @jrmoreau! Feel free to reach out with any questions that might be left unanswered after AMA.


Welcome @jrmoreau, glad to have you here :wave:


Thanks @cjremus and @Mira! Great to learn from you both today!