Jaynti from Matic



Hi everyone! I am Jaynti from Matic Network (https://matic.network).

We, at Matic, are using Layer 2 solution to scale Ethereum. Matic helps DApps to scale using PoS sidechains where valuable assets like ERC20/721 are secured by Plasma framework while other states are secured by decentralized proof-of-stake validators. We use EVM chain, so it’s very easy for Ethereum developers to use Matic. You can learn more here: https://medium.com/matic-network/what-is-matic-network-466a2c493ae1

We will share our details regarding proof-of-stake soon. In simple term, any validator can stake their Matic tokens on Ethereum smart contract and can start validating Matic network.

Our goal is to make stake system very decentralized and fair to every validator. And we believe that proper incentivization and designs are important to achieve that goal.

Thanks to @cjremus for starting this amazing forum! And excited to join in efforts to keep stake decentralized.


Hi @jdkanani and welcome :wave:

Please let us know how the Defenders can be helpful to Matic :+1: