Jehan from Althea


Hi everybody,

I’m working on Althea. It is software that lets people create decentralized ISPs using long-range wifi equipment.

Our software runs on routers, which pay each other for bandwidth. This makes it so that anyone on an Althea network can resell the bandwidth to their neighbors and make money. Packets take the fastest and cheapest path through the network. In larger networks, we believe that this will create a dynamic enabling “bandwidth arbitrage” where independent actors can earn money creating long distance links between different parts of the network. This free bandwidth market will be more efficient that the “central planning” of large corporate ISPs.

Right now we have a couple of small networks. Our largest is in Clatskanie, OR, serving around 40 people (and growing!). We also have several networks being established in other places in the Pacific Northwest. We encourage aspiring network organizers to start out by getting sign ups on “Altheahoods” sites that we make for them.

Transactions between routers will be done on our Cosmos zone in the Dai stablecoin (currently using Ethereum temporarily). We are also planning a token sale for staking tokens of our zone. The proceeds of this sale will be held in the community pool of our zone, and will be dispensed by governance actions to pay for development, etc. We are granting 33% of the total tokens out to network organizers and users. We’ll be unveiling the first step of this granting program soon. It will lead people through the steps of learning to be a network organizer by rewarding them at every step.

We believe in decentralized governance of the infrastructure that powers our lives. Because of this, validators are very important. In the Cosmos model, they not only run transaction processing servers, but also participate in governance, ensuring that every vote is considered. A token holder’s choice of validator is not only about who’s got the best uptime, it is also a delegation of voting power (although, of course, they can always override their validator’s votes). For this reason, it’s important that there is a diverse group of validators that can reflect the diverse interests of a network’s token holders.

Shameless plug: we are looking for validators to join our network.


Hi @jtremback and welcome :wave:

I’d suggest reposting your “shameless plug” to the #find-a-validator channel :slight_smile:


What are the requirements to become a validator?


No requirements right now. We’d like to get to know you, just to be friendly. Join the althea-validators channel in our discord:


Hi @jtremback! Let me know next time you are in the Seattle area. We could probably invite you to one of the blockchain Seattle meetups or UW blockchain community events :slight_smile: