MacLane from NuCypher


Hi everyone, I’m MacLane from NuCypher [], a layer 2 proof of stake network that provides data privacy and access control for dapps.

I’m interested in efforts to ensure sufficient decentralization and censorship-resistance in our network. Preventing a small number of large participants from dominating our WorkLock token distribution [] is one of our current design priorities.

Excited to see how the Decentralized Staking Defenders initiative goes!


Welcome @maclane-nucypher :wave:


Is there any on-chain incentives for NuCypher token holders to diversify?


Most of the on-chain incentives we’ve looked at (e.g. max stakes, decreasing returns as stake size increases, etc.) are easily Sybil attacked. If there are good contrary examples, I’d definitely be interested to take a look.