Nathan from Consensus Networks


Hi everyone!

I’m Nathan from Consensus Networks. I’m excited to join and collaborate with this group!

We’re hard at work building out what we need to become active validators/block producers in the various blockchains we’ve selected. Our position is twofold, first to provide the best physical infrastructure we can with secure key management being a priority. We’re building relationships with independent datacenters in the midwest to deploy our servers. Second, we are working on building out access points into the network to spur adoption. In our view this isn’t just making an API or a dApp but finding specific use cases and users who have a problem, finding them the right blockchain, and building what they need. We recently won a grant from the National Institutes of Health to do just that and are hard at work building a blockchain-based health data sharing platform on one of the blockchains we support.

We’d love to help anyway we can and hearing and learning from you all! :pray::rocket:


Hi, Nathan! Welcome the alliance.

Curious which factors did you consider while selecting the networks.


Hi Mira,

We try to get an overall health of the network/community by looking at things like engagement and code commits/pull requests as well as technical potential through a review of code, cryptography, and consensus process. It’s not an exact science and we’re still ironing out all the details, but in the end we want a system to help us find and evaluate projects so we can make smarter decisions. Let me know if you’d like to talk further on this - we’re always looking for ways to improve!


There are also multiple networks that have reached out to Ztake for potential validating opportunities.
We don’t have a formal list to evaluate projects at the moment but would work on developing one soon.
Let’s work together with other willing members of this channel and share it with others! :metal:


Sounds great! Would love to help work on that!


This sounds like a fantastic initiative for the Defenders to collaborate on together :clap:


Looking forward to the next call!