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We are Pocket Network, a decentralized API layer for DApps to interface with infrastructure.

After taking part in a twitter thread regarding direct incentives for nodes we were asking to share the summary here. We’ll clean it up a bit for the sake of continued conversation.

We believe that sustainable decentralization of node infrastructure has at least 3 critical components(please share your insights into others.)

  1. An inclusive protocol that allows for any node setup(Cloud Services, Data Centers, Personal Rigs) to be treated equally in the eyes of the application… so long as they are valid xD

Pocket Network does this with its relay network architecture. An application interfacing with a blockchain will have its requests coordinated psuedo-randomly across the node network so that they do not need to rely on a single point of failure. In the event a node goes down, the network automatically redirects the requests another valid node.

  1. Easy to setup nodes.

The lower the barrier to entry it is for individuals to setup and maintain nodes in a given network, the higher likelyhood they will do it. Pretty straightforward.

For example in Ethereum, the DAppNode project launched pre-configured hardware boxes that are quite literally “Plug and Play.” If everyone has a node like this, or from other projects, then we can achieve the distribution and scale we are looking for in a resilient network.

  1. Direct node incentivization.

Miners are incentivized through direct block rewards. Why not nodes? Alturism and project synergy(I have a dapp and therefore should run a node) can only go so far.

Easy to Setup + Revenue Generating = More Nodes, that is our theory and we are sticking to it.

In the case of Pocket Network, upon Mainnet release, we will implement an economic layer to our relay network in order to compensate nodes relaying requests directly, via the POKT token on our own blockchain(don’t worry we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel with blockchains, we have a very specific case’node rewards’ that we are building for and will use a more battle testing chain to model.)

In summary its the combination of easy to use, coordinated by a middleware protocol to ensure distribution, and with economic incentives that will not only increase node counts for different chains and achieve necessary resilience over time.

That was very high level and we’d be happy to bring in some of the team to talk more in depth about any of the points or others.

Thanks for the invite, hope to spark more great conversations with the Staking Defense community!

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Thank you! Going to get some of the rest of the team in here as well.