Poloniex Cosmos Staking is Live - Automatic Exchange Staking 😬


We knew this was coming -

From the perspective of the Staking Defenders, I wonder if we can convince the exchanges to stake to multiple validators, rather than only the validators they run?

For this initial product offering, Poloniex and Circle have partnered with Infinity Stones, which is one of the industry’s leading blockchain infrastructure providers. Effective immediately, we will begin staking a portion of non-US customer ATOM with an Infinity Stones validator and pass rewards to customers on a daily basis.

Poloniex charges a 25% service fee for providing staking to customers. This fee covers the operational costs and risks associated with managing staking services. After the fee is collected, customers will see their staking reward in the form of a daily deposit.


We could come up with pitch deck an send it to different exchanges to consider


Does the exchange staking to multiple validators actually make things more decentralized in this case? Poloniex is still the only token holder in the picture, right? Having multiple validators in the mix is just the same as regular (centralized) redundancy schemes, since every token “staked” on a Poloniex exchange is actually controlled by them.