Sunny Aggarwal from Sikka and Tendermint


Hi everyone!

My name is Sunny Aggarwal (@sunnya97) and I’m the founder of Sikka, a validation and decentralized infrastructure company. I also am a researcher at Tendermint and have been working on the Cosmos project and its Proof of Stake design for the past two years.

I think Proof of Stake is a very interesting concept. If successful and works, I think the properties of it are superior to that of Proof of Work and Proof of Storage, in that it captures more incentives within the protocol and thus is able to more fine-grainedly punish and reward actors.

That being said, Proof of Stake is still highly experimental, it is still in the early days and we are all part of a grand experiment testing this new paradigm in the real world. The questions of whether Proof of Stake can maintain decentralization, censorship resistance, security, cartel resistance, etc are still open questions. And even which combination of these is possible and/or sufficient.

In this staged debate I take the nihilistic view, argue that even if we can’t achieve stake distribution decentralization, we might still be able to achieve other properties we care about.

All in all, I’m excited to be participating in this experiment with all of you from a number of different roles and hope to make Proof of Stake a success!


Welcome to the alliance, Sunny! It is great to have you onboard


Welcome @sunnya97, glad to have you here :wave: